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Raising the roof of an existing building has captured National attention due to its efficiency and unique way of turning functionally obsolete or under-utilized buildings into modern facilities.


Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, our company had raised entire roofs as large as 620,000 sf down to less than 3,000 sf. A complete roof can be lifted or just a section of it.
Our roof lifting system is independent of the column, which allows us to uniquely accommodate every column type and any height. The existing columns can be replaced or just filled with a stub or extension depending on the height and design specifications. Our company does not require the use of a welded permanent “sleeve” around the existing column.

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Lifting does not affect the roofing or roof deck directly. In fact, no work related to actual lifting ever takes place on the surface of the roof itself. Our process is designed so that the existing roofing remains in place. All existing electrical, mechanical, lighting, HVAC will also rise with the roof. Compared to demolition and rebuilding, this is a considerable savings!
Yes, if requested we can Manage the entire project from start to finish. Depending on the project, we can either work with your team, as a subcontractor to a local GC, or take on the entire project. In all cases we work closely with our clients at every stage to ensure that everyone is informed about this type of project and to help keep the costs of other related work in check.
We pride ourselves on providing as much information to potential clients from the start. We have more answers to other common questions about roof lifting and our company.

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Some of our clients are among the most recognized companies in the world.

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“If we were to turn that whole building into rubble and start fresh, it would cost a whole lot more money than it’s costing to just raise the roof and fix it up. We’re just lifting the roof and adding steel.”
John Lagorakis, John Vince Foods
“We at Polaris were very amazed at the efficiency and dedication exhibited by your employees. This dedication contributed greatly to a successful project completed ahead of schedule. Rooflifters personnel were always concerned not only for the safety of their own employees but also were very attentive to Polaris employees who were in the area while all the preparation for the lift was taking place.”
Deland Broten, Polaris Industries
“When we’re working with an incumbent building, height restrictions can sometimes prevent us from utilizing the full capabilities of our equipment. Finally there’s a way to avoid the capital costs of reconstruction or a new building.”
Bill Torrens, RMT Robotics
“One of the reasons companies are moving is they’re looking for modern buildings elsewhere, with greater height underneath the joists. If we can persuade a company to raise the roof to allow for more warehousing space, so they don’t need to relocate outside Toronto, then we’ve saved jobs and taxes.”
Ronald Rea, Toronto Economic Development
“I was speaking with a real estate agent who was bemoaning the fact that he couldn’t sell an industrial building because of its low ceiling, …and one thing led to another.”
Daniel Siegel, Planit Construction

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We’ve provided clear height solutions on projects big and small, and encompassing nearly every building type.

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Our company has been improving the clear height of buildings across North America for over 25 years.