Structural Lifting Capabilities

The expert team at ROOFLIFTERS offers a full range of structural lifting services, handling all types of projects. We seek to innovate, lower costs, and streamline the process.

ROOFLIFTERS specializes in structural lifting and shoring of heavy building elements throughout North America. Our team of experienced professionals offers complete planning, contracting, project management, and construction services. We employ decades of experience to deliver innovative, cost-saving solutions that streamline the construction process and help bring the best results possible.

Formed to specifically to meet the increased demands for clear height across North America, ROOFLIFTERS is now the driving force behind continued innovation and methods of cost efficient roof lifting solutions. By providing the combined expertise of a general contractor and roof lifting contractor, ROOFLIFTERS is able to maximize cost savings for its clients as the complete source for roof lifting.

ROOFLIFTERS stands out among the top structural lifting specialty contractors due to our experience with commercial construction and our proven track record of success. We have the ability to serve clients in virtually any commercial or industrial market segment, and our diverse portfolio of completed projects demonstrates our comprehensive capabilities. As your general contractor, we will coordinate and manage every aspect of construction, giving you total peace of mind that your project will be completed safely, on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

General Contracting Services Include:

  • A partnering process from the exploratory stage to project completion
  • Creating a team of trades and professionals that have a complete understanding of the project scope
  • Clear commitment to final cost estimates

Our approach to general contracting is designed to ensure you get the most out of your commercial construction project. This starts with relying on the most outstanding construction partners. Our team has built successful relationships with quality subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers who have proven their efficiency, reliability, and delivery both in price and performance.

Our hydraulic lifting system is had enormous flexibility and has been used as a simple shoring tower as well as a complex group of shoring posts of varying heights. Our system can be adapted to suit varying heights as well as different loads to easily support, lift, or lower a structure as needed.

The high load-bearing capacity of our CribPost system also provides the ability to lift a structure or apply pressure to a load. This has proven to necessary in instances where the bearing surface has the potential to settle once a load is applied.

Adaptable solutions that fulfill varying project requirements.

CribPosts are very flexible in their application – from structural renovation through roof lifting. Through our syncronization system, unlimited load bearing points can all be operated to lift a structure or apply pressure as required.


We at Polaris were very amazed at the efficiency and dedication exhibited by your employees. This dedication contributed greatly to a successful project completed ahead of schedule. Rooflifters personnel were always concerned not only for the safety of their own employees but also were very attentive to Polaris employees who were in the area while all the preparation for the lift was taking place.

Deland Broten, Polaris Industries
When we’re working with an incumbent building, height restrictions can sometimes prevent us from utilizing the full capabilities of our equipment. Finally there’s a way to avoid the capital costs of reconstruction or a new building.
Bill Torrens, RMT Robotics

I was speaking with a real estate agent who was bemoaning the fact that he couldn’t sell an industrial building because of its low ceiling, …and one thing led to another.

Daniel Siegel, Planit Construction

One of the reasons companies are moving is they’re looking for modern buildings elsewhere, with greater height underneath the joists. If we can persuade a company to raise the roof to allow for more warehousing space, so they don’t need to relocate outside Toronto, then we’ve saved jobs and taxes.

Ronald Rea, Toronto Economic Development

If we were to turn that whole building into rubble and start fresh, it would cost a whole lot more money than it’s costing to just raise the roof and fix it up. We’re just lifting the roof and adding steel.

John Lagorakis, John Vince Foods