Why Lift A Roof?

Adding clear height and cubic space to existing commercial buildings

Advantages & Benefits of roof lifting:

  • Maximize cubic space. Convert buildings with insufficient ceiling heights into modern high-output facilities.
  • Remain at your current facility. No need for relocation. An ideal solution where the economics and logistics of relocating your operations are not feasible.
  • Faster when compared to other reconstruction methods that add cubic space.
  • Eliminate the need for additional real estate. Maintain the existing footprint of your building while increasing its capacity.
  • Reduce development and construction costs. Minimize regulations, zoning restrictions, and taxes associated with new construction.
  • Minimize disruption of your business. Downtime is significantly less as the roof can be lifted complete or in sections without completely vacating.
  • Utilize the existing roof structure. There is no major demolition. The cost and environmental impact by keeping the existing roof structure, framework and services is minimal.
  • Create opportunities for adaptive reuse. Add a mezzanine or second floor, or convert warehouses into office or retail facilities.
  • Improve marketability of existing industrial buildings. Acquire new tenants by upgrading and marketing your building with a higher clear height.
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