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CribPost System

The CribPost system is best described as a series of temporary hydraulic post-shores that can be extended to nearly any reasonable height.

Each post is built up with bolted sections. The bottom of the post is contained within a frame that holds a 25-ton capacity hydraulic jack which pushes the post upward and allows new sections to be added at the bottom as lifting progresses. This allows us to accommodate any clear height without the added cost of moving the lifting mechanism up the column and welding on additional steel.

All hydraulic work is done at ground level, the hydraulics are not suspended from a location 15 or more feet off the ground, which ensures the safety and speed of all hydraulic work.

A system that accommodates EVERY situation

  • Lift to ANY desired clear height without costly staging. Do NOT limit the efficiency of your expansion to double the original clear height.
  • Extend height with a new column or short insert. NOT limited to unsightly sleeves around old columns.
  • Can raise the roof even where columns are not present. Does NOT require a new column to be installed when none are required.
  • No under-slab work required.
  • Can increase bay sizes when necessary by removing existing columns.
  • Continuous fall-back protection at every inch.
  • Can lift at a rate of up to a foot per hour.
  • Laser monitored control of entire lift.
  • Synchronized central control system ensures even lifting and no damage to existing framework and roofing.
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