Who Is Rooflifters?

ROOFLIFTERS is Your Clear Height Solutions Partner.

Our team of experts works with you throughout the entire process. From conception to completion, ROOFLIFTERS provides guidance and consultation with everyone involved in the project.

  • Budget Figures: FREE and IMMEDIATE budget figures based on typical buildings.
  • Proposals: FREE and TIMELY Preliminary Budget Proposal based on your building and your needs.
  • Savings: From conception to completion, roof raising can be done for as little as 25% of the cost of building new.
  • No Surprises: Our proposals include a clear and precise Scope of Work for ALL items required. No surprises or hidden costs.
  • Turn-Key: We offer a full turn-key service as a General Contractor to clients that require it.
  • International: We service all of US, Canada, and Mexico from coast to coast.
  • Efficient: Efficiency built on strategic alliances with companies in the material handling, warehousing, and distribution industries.
  • Relationships: Established relationships with Economic Development Councils to find financial incentives and solutions for clients.
  • Your Partner: Project partnership program thatn ensures full understanding of scope and scheduling of all trades, consultants, and clients.

Our History of Excellence Through Innovation

ROOFLIFTERS was formed to take advantage of one of the most unique cost saving construction processes in the industry. The process of lifting an existing roof of a building has been around for many years. But prior to 1989 roof lifting was accomplished by inefficient technology or by either taking the existing roof apart and then rebuilding it at a higher elevation, or building an entirely new roof above the existing structure and then demolishing the original roof. None of those methods have proven to be economical.

The process of lifting an existing roof changed dramatically when Peter Vanderklaauw, former engineering professor at the University of Miami, developed a revolutionary system for raising the roof of existing buildings safe and efficiently. That method became the basis for what is now called the CribPost system. For over 15 years Vanderklaauw and his company became a primary source in North America for structural lifting solutions.

Today, key personnel of the original company bring a combined 40 years of unrivaled lifting experience to ROOFLIFTERS.

Formed to specifically to meet the increased demands for clear height across North America, ROOFLIFTERS is now the driving force behind continued innovation and methods of cost efficient roof lifting solutions. By providing the combined services of a design build company, general contractor and roof lifting contractor, ROOFLIFTERS is able to maximize cost savings for its clients as the complete source for roof lifting.

It is this ingenuity and commitment to our clients that establishes the benchmark for excellence in the roof lifting industry.