Project Description

Roof Raising Project Profile

Durapaint Industries

Type: Manufacturing

Roof Area Lifted: 20,000 sf section of an 48,000 sf building
Clear Height Before Lifting: 20 feet
Clear Height After Lifting: 40feet
Cubic Feet Before Lifting: 400,000
Cubic Feet After Lifting: 800,000
Usable space added by raising the existing roof: 400,000
Toronto, Ontario

Additional Information

New paint lines were required at the existing Durapaint Industries manufacturing facility.  However, the roof was too low to accommodate the upgraded production line.  With some wall load bearing and with some staggered wall areas, Rooflifters was able to easily accommodate this situation.

The roof lift modification doubled the useable space inside the existing building.

Owner: Sobara Properties
Construction Manager / General Contractor: Durapaint Industries
Subcontractors: Better Iron Works
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