Project Description

Roof Raising Project Profile

Twin Spans Business Park

Type: Distribution

Roof Area Lifted: 235,000 sf
Clear Height Before Lifting: 20 feet
Clear Height After Lifting: 32 feet
Cubic Feet Before Lifting: 4,700,000
Cubic Feet After Lifting: 7,520,000
Usable space added by raising the existing roof: 2,820,000
The Twin Spans Industrial Complex is comprised of multiple large warehouses, however, one of them had always proved to have higher vacancy. An older 235,000 sf building which had a 20′ clear roof remained vacant while all the other buildings in the complex at 32′ clear had tenants. It was obvious that clear height was the problem but after contacting Day Star Sills, a local Delaware contractor, and ROOFLIFTERS, the owners found a solution.

After prospective tenants came and went, ownership decide to offer the building at 32′ clear. Shortly thereafter, they had a long term tenant in place and modification of the building started.

The project team fast tracked the design and schedule by lifting the building in 4 phases. This allowed them to hand over Phase 1 to the tenant for racking installation and other tenant related work within a month of project commencement while work proceeded in the remaining sections. The team ensured that cost and time requirements were met and in the end current and future needs of the owner and the tenant were addressed.

Construction Manager / General Contractor:
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