Project Description

Augusta Sportswear

0 cu. ft.
Usable space before lifting
0 cu. ft.
Usable space after lifting
Location: Augusta, GA
Roof Square Footage: 50,000
Clear Height Before: 12 feet
Clear Height After: 30 feet
Building Use Before: manufacturing
Building Use After: warehouse & distribution
Owner: Augusta Sportswear
General Contractor: R.W. Allen
Steel Subcontractor: n/a
Engineer: n/a

Project Photos

Project Description

When Augusta Sportswear decided to expand their existing facility they were faced with budget limitations and logistical hurdles. What they required was approx 800,000 to 1,000,000 cubic feet of additional usable space so that they could maximize their operations without moving. Proposals from local contractor’s ranged from building a new structure over the existing structure to tearing down part of the building and building a new higher structure. However, Georgia based general contractor, R.W. Allen, after consulting ROOFLIFTERS, proposed a creative method of simply raising entire existing roof.

Utilizing the roof lifting method and services patented by ROOFLIFTERS, a company specializing in raising roofs across the United States and Canada, a solution was found.

Their economical proposal was to raise only 50,000 sf of the existing facility 18 feet, thereby providing the additional cubic footage that Augusta Sportswear required. This solution also accelerated the construction process and was completed in less than seven months, and leaving the operations in adjacent areas to the lifted area uninterrupted.

In addition to the cost savings over the proposed alternatives, this solution drastically reduced unwanted contribution to local landfills as demolition was minimal.

In the end, Augusta Sportswear increased their existing facility’s cubic footage, minimized their expansion costs, and greatly reduced their environmental impact.