Project Description


0 cu. ft.
Usable space before lifting
0 cu. ft.
Usable space after lifting
Location: Fremont, CA
Roof Square Footage: 30,800
Clear Height Before: 16 feet
Clear Height After: 26 feet
Building Use Before: manufacturing
Building Use After: manufacturing
Owner: ProExhibits
General Contractor: Toeniskoetter Construction
Steel Subcontractor: Fine Steel Products
Architect: Habitec

Project Photos

Project Description

This building, located in Freemont, California, was originally built with a 16 foot clear height. The newly purchased building suited the location and size needs of ProExhibits, with the exception of the existing clear height. As a result, they decided to raise a portion of the existing roof structure intact in order to accommodate their specific manufacturing needs.

Through the simple process of roof lifting,  Toeniskoetter Construction and ROOFLIFTERS added necessary clear height in only a few weeks.