Project Description

Roof Raising Project Profile

Fiera Foods

Type: Food Distribution & Manufacturing

Roof Area Lifted: 42,000 sf
Clear Height Before Lifting: 12 feet
Clear Height After Lifting: 21 feet
Cubic Feet Before Lifting: 504,000
Cubic Feet After Lifting: 882,000
Usable space added by raising the existing roof: 378,000
Toronto, Ontario

Additional Information

In order to grow its business, Fiera Foods Company needed to economically expand the cubic space in a 42,000 square foot portion of its facility. In order to achieve the necessary expansion, they decided to raise the entire existing roof from 12’-9” to 21’6”.

By raising the existing roof nine feet, while intact and with minimal demolition, the building was easily modified to meet Fiera’s growing needs. The actual lift portion of the process lasted only 4 days. Portions of the building not lifted were kept operational throughout the entire roof lifting process.

Peter Kulba of Brenik Engineering, engineer for the project, said of the roof raising process, “It’s a unique and efficient solution to expand buildings with low clear heights. By working with ROOFLIFTERS, the needs of the client were achieved while they remained at their current location.”

Owner: CMS Ontario Ltd.
Construction Manager / General Contractor: Slubor Engineering Ltd.
Subcontractors: Eagle Steel
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