Project Description

Roof Raising Project Profile

Clarkdietrich Building Systems

Type: Manufacturing

Roof Area Lifted: 250,000 sf
Clear Height Before Lifting: 15 feet
Clear Height After Lifting: 28 feet
Cubic Feet Before Lifting: 3,750,000
Cubic Feet After Lifting: 7,000,000
Usable space added by raising the existing roof: 3,250,000

Additional Information

Economic prosperity for the city of Bristol, Connecticut suffered greatly when, in 1994, General Motors closed their bearings plant and vacated a 1.2 million square foot facility.

Over the last 15 years, the building has slowly been converted to multiple single tenant spaces. However, finding tenants proved to be challenging due to the lack of clear height needed to attract quality tenants. The types of large companies that commit to long term leases but more importantly bring much needed jobs to the community and rejuvenation to struggling local economies.

The current ownership accomplished two goals when they decided to raise the roof of a 250,000 sf section of the building. They acquired a major manufacturing tenant in ClarkDietrich Building Systems and they modernized their building. A structure that had become functionally obsolete compared to current industrial standards.

Darlind Construction and a team of Architects and Engineers was put in place with ROOFLIFTERS to raise the existing roof from 15′ to 28′ using their patented hydraulic lifting system. After the lift, new columns were installed along with a metal siding enclosure. The additional height met the tenant requirements and ROOFLIFTERS in close partnership the construction team was able to deliver the newly modernized building on time and help ensure that production deadlines established by ClarkDietrich were met.

The completion of this roof lifting project not only rejuvenated an aging building, considered to be the biggest of its type east of New York, but in a significant way contributed to the economic growth of a local community.

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