Commonly Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about raising the existing roof of a building.

ROOFLIFTERS utilizes system to synchronize each lifting point by monitoring the relative movement of each point. This provides an accurate measurement of each point and allows large areas of a roof to be lifted at one time.

For economic reasons it becomes impractical in most cases to lift a roof that is less than 3,000 SF. However, this is not to say that our company has not lifted smaller roofs. In some instances a small section of a larger roof must have a higher clear height in order to accommodate new equipment or processes. In these instances, raising a portion of the existing roof if much faster, cleaner, and less costly than demolishing a small section and rebuilding it higher.

No. Lifting does not affect the roofing or roof deck directly. In fact, no work related to actual lifting ever takes place on the surface of the roof itself. Our process is designed so that the existing roofing remains in place.

The ROOFLIFTERS system is designed so that each post has a lifting capacity of 25 tons. In cases where the weight exceeds 25 tons, the CribPosts are simply clustered. Many times interior columns will require two, three, or even four CribPosts which would provide up to 100 tons of lifting capacity.

Absolutely not. The ROOFLIFTERS process is specifically designed to address this concern. Lifting can be more than double or even triple the existing height since we do not rely on column sleeves.

Most commercial and industrial roofs do not exceed clear heights of 45 feet. That is not to say, however, that lifting is limited to that height. ROOFLIFTERS has lifted structures as high as 72 feet.

ROOFLIFTERS has lifted roofs ranging from less than 1000 SF to over 600,000 SF. In most cases the area lifted is determined by the structure itself. Many times sectioned off by the expansion joints in the roof. Typically the largest practical size is around 150,000 SF in a single lift.

The cost to lift a roof varies and is dependent on the specifications of each project. In most cases, a budgetary number can be calculated based on the amount of square feet to be lifted and some basic information. If you would like information on costs please contact us at 1-866-331-6150. Or request budget figures here.