Clear height trendsin warehouse design

Raising a building’s existing roof can help modernize older industrial buildings

According to World Trade 100 there’s been a massive change in the way industrial buildings are designed. In the mid-1980s, 75 percent of the industrial buildings were devoted to manufacturing. Now that figure has shrunk to about 20 percent, with 3PLs occupying 80 percent of the industrial space. They point out that this has be driving the way buildings are designed. “For manufacturing, buildings used to be designed as basically square buildings, with lots of parking, limited docking and limited clear height. Now, with much of our manufacturing offshore, buildings are being designed with maximum dock height, large truck yards, and container storage space.”

“This change in the way ports and retailers are handling goods has shifted distribution from a push model to a push-pull model…that requires more flexible facilities.”

With this trend, roof lifting has become the primary way to convert this pre-1990’s buildings into facilities that meet the clear height requirement of today’s warehousing and distribution companies. No longer do these older building’s need to be demolished to make way for newer facilities with higher clear heights. To find out more about raising the existing roof of a build contact us.

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